About an Anglican Service

Our worship is intended first and foremost to glorify God in Jesus Christ. We participate in Christ-Centered worship, using both ancient and modern music and liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer. The prayers found in this book are used every day by over 80 million Anglicans all around the world. We believe these prayers aid us in communicating rightly with the God who created us. They teach us about who God is and who we are, and they lead our hearts to draw near to Him.

Anglican worship is diverse, and it is best understood by visiting and attending a local congregation. What is common to all is an inheritance of worship that recognizes the supremacy of the Bible and often finds expression through the Prayer Book. To understand what and how Anglicans pray is to understand what they believe. The Prayer Book, described as the Scriptures arranged for worship, provides helpful resources for everything from personal daily devotions to large public gatherings of worship. It includes prayers for every season of life.